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Oxygen Bleach Powder & Stain Remover


Our powerful unscented Oxygen Bleach Powder is fragrance-free, created with plant-derived ingredients, and EWG-Verified. Packaged in a zero plastic container, our oxygen stain remover is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, safe for sensitive skin, septic-safe, pet-safe, and baby-safe! AspenClean Oxygen Bleach is suitable for standard and HE laundry machines. Certified by Ecocert, our Natural Oxygen Bleach Powder is vegan and cruelty-free - safe for the environment as well as your family. Best of all, our oxygen bleach is effective at removing stains and gives you a clean load of laundry every time. 

Size: 700 g / 24.7 US oz (45 loads)

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Unscented Oxygen Bleach for Laundry

AspenClean Oxygen Bleach is a natural laundry booster and clothing stain remover designed for added cleaning power. Packaged in a zero-plastic, compostable container, our Oxygen Bleach for laundry will leave clothes whiter and brighter using the natural power of mineral-based ingredients and enzymes. The zero-plastic oxygen bleach powder is gentle on the skin and tough on stains, containing no harsh chemicals such as fragrances, dyes, chlorine, or phosphates. Combine our oxygen bleach powder and stain remover with any of our eco-friendly laundry detergents for a fresh, clean load of laundry.

• Suitable for all water temperatures in standard and HE machines
• Color-safe for all loads of laundry
• Baby-safe, pet-safe, and hypoallergenic
• Biodegradable, plant-based ingredients
• 100% zero-plastic, compostable packaging
• Greywater & septic tank-safe
• EcoCert® certified
• EWG-Verified™
• Certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny
• Vegan
• Made in the USA

Proudly made without:

• Plastics
• Fragrances
• Phosphates
• Chlorine
• Dyes

Directions For Use

Unscented Natural Oxygen Bleach 

Use our unscented, natural oxygen bleach as a laundry booster or as a stain remover. 

1. Check clothing care tags for washing instructions. 
2. Add one tbsp (0.5 oz) of oxygen bleach powder directly into the washing machine before adding clothes. 
3. For large or heavily soiled loads, use two tbsp (1 oz) of our oxygen bleach for laundry.
4. Run the washer with warm or hot water for best results. 

1. See care labels for clothing before washing. 
2. Mix 1/2 tbsp (0.25 oz) of oxygen stain remover with 500 ml (16 oz) of warm water. 
3. Stir the solution of oxygen bleach powder and water gently until completely dissolved. 
4. Apply the solution of oxygen bleach and water to the stain. 
5. Wait for five minutes while the oxygen stain remover lifts the stain. 
6. Wash clothing in a standard or HE washing machine. 

*Store the oxygen bleach powder in a dry place, out of reach of children. Keep the container of oxygen bleach closed when not in use. Dry your hands before handling the container. 
*Not recommended for use on wool or silk.


AspenClean Oxygen Stain Remover 

Ingredients: Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide; Sodium Citrate;, Sodium Silicate 

100% Vegan 
100% of total ingredients are from natural origin 
+ Plant-based ingredients are biodegradable